Business Scope

Warehousing Service

GLOVIS is engaged in warehousing, picking, sorting, inventory control, and delivery through our Warehouse Management System (WMS). GLOVIS Alabama supply JIT (Just in Time) and JIS(Just in Sequence) subassembly to enhance to competitiveness of our customers. As warehousing and distribution specialists, GLOVIS Alabama takes care of supply chain logistics in the US and abroad. If you want to maintain a competitive edge in the logistics market today, it is vital that your company have speedy and reliable distribution.

GLOVIS Alabama offer distribution and logistics services for both short term and long term needs, so that you have the benefit of flexibility in the way that you handle your shipping and storage needs. Our storage, packaging, and sequencing options will save your company time, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. For a quote or other information, please call us at (334) 387-4219

Transportation Service

Transportation of over 800 auto-parts from 32 companies by using JIT, JIS & Milk Run system. Trailer drop and hook operation for in-land transportation between GLOVIS Alabama and automobile manufacturers and auto parts suppliers. (A driver drops off a full truck at a warehouse and pick up an empty one)

Service Features and Benefits 
- Provide GPS Tracking service to meet GLOVIS Customer satisfaction Operate Trucking business with TMS.
- Apply a Drop & Hook techniques for optimizing transportation routes and reducing transportation time.
- Offer Milk run and Round trip transportation, efficient equipment management, reasonable and competitive cost. Logistics cost savings (Ocean Freights, Container Demurrage & Detention Charges) for customers and the container free time extension at the container yard.

Global Services

GLOVIS Alabama provides Door to Door cross-border transportation service between GLOVIS Alabama and the United states and Mexico.

Service Features and Benefits
- Multi-lingual logistics experts providing 24/7 Customer Service on each side of the border.
- Modern fleet equipped with Real time Satellite tracking system to be able to provide location of shipment.
- Specializing time sensitive shipments.
- GLOVIS Alabama takes care of Supply Chain logistics in the United States, Mexico and abroad.

OCC Operation

GLOVIS Alabama’s 2nd Consolidation Center was established in 2006 in a 332,000 SF warehouse to provide Logistics service for local suppliers

Service Features and Benefits
- Engaged in Warehousing, picking, sorting, inventory control and delivery through our Warehouse Management System. (WMS)
- GLOVIS Alabama Supply JIT (Just in Time( and JIS (Just in Sequence) subassembly to enhance the competitiveness of our customer.
- Serving 850 Automobile parts.

Equipment Sales and Lease

From forklifts, to trucks, all the way down to tow trucks - GLOVIS Alabama offers all types of industrial trucks to help improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption for our customers’ operations. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff will help you find the ideal product for all of your warehousing needs at the lowest possible price. GLOVIS offers many different programs that make it easy to rent, lease, or finance all of your equipment which removes the customer’s burden of excessive investment in logistics infrastructure. GLOVIS Alabama also offer a wide variety of service and maintenance programs designed to meet your specific needs. In addition, GLOVIS Alabama offers a full line of batteries and battery chargers for all makes and models of industrial lift trucks and all other types of battery powered industrial equipment. GLOVIS Alabama can custom design your battery and charger per your requirements and specifications. For more information, please call us at (334) 387-4219

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