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Title October Communication Meeting Notes
Date Oct 11, 2017

* During this past month, we have several issues that have arisen that resulted in the termination of employment for certain Team Members. One was terminated for theft of property. Three others were terminated for sleeping on the job. Please remember that you as a Team Member, Team Leader, Supervisor, Specialist, Assistant Manager, or Manager can do something to help prevent these individuals from being terminated for these types of issues. Remind them that they need to stay busy in order to stay awake. If you see someone trying doze off, talk to them in order to help keep them awake. However, if you have someone who is sneaking off and hiding behind something to sleep, you cannot help them. Also, if you see someone who indicates that they may or have stolen something, remind them to consider that they may lose their job because of this. Is what they are taking worth losing their job over?

* Benefits Open Enrollment will be coming in November 2017. Please be mindful that you will be allowed to make changes to your coverage only during the Open Enrollment period.

* The Breast Cancer Walk is October 14th at Union Station Train Shed. Please see Shemeka McWhorter to sign up for this.

* There will be a Blood Drive for all team members held on 10/18/17. We encourage all of you, who can, to participate by giving this gift of life. Some person’s life may be saved by your gift.

* Flu shots will be available on 10/18/17. You will need BCBS coverage in order to receive the shot.

* Fair tickets will be passed out on 10/18/17 as well. You will need to present your Glovis Badge in order to receive tickets. This is only for Glovis Team Members. If you have do not have BC/BS coverage, or if you have BC/BS single coverage, you will received two (2) tickets. If you have family coverage, you will receive four (4) tickets.

* The Holiday for Heroes will take place October 30th through December 1st. Please make your seasonal cards for the members of the Armed Forces who are working diligently to keep us safe on a daily basis. Bring these cards to the Glovis CC Front Lobby and place them in the designated box.

* Please make certain that you submit your Employee Data Sheet to Juliana Daniels, Human Resources, or the HR Box at Lineside. This is important as we are attempting to implement a caller/text/email system for Emergency situations that arise or if we need to make a mass announcement.

* The Employee Round Table Meeting is scheduled for 1:30 PM on 10/13/17.

* As most of you are aware, shifts have been adjusted to accommodate the change in production. As this is a difficult time, be mindful that we still need to continue to do our best to make certain there are no glitches in the production process. Vacation/Personal Days are not mandatory on the Friday Non-Production days. We are required to use Vacation/Personal days for the Week of Thanksgiving and for the dates of December 19, 20, and 21.

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