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Title Team Spirit Days in 2017
Date Aug 31, 2017

Team Spirit Days"

 1st Team Spirit Day : 8/31/2017 (3rd shift), 9/1/2017(1st & 2nd shift)

2nd Team Spirit Day : 10/26/2017 (3rd shift), 10/27/2017 (1st & 2nd shift)

3rd Team Spirit Day : 11/16/2107  (3rd shift), 11/17/2017 (1st & 2nd shift) 

Please be aware of the followings

* No blue jeans

* No Team banners

* Approved work pants/skirts only

* Tanks tops only with shirts underneath

* Only Glovis/HMMA approved caps/hats (No sports caps/ hats / visors )

Line side (Body shop) members must wear only 100% cotton due to safety concerns regarding weld flash and fire       

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